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Neville Pettersson

Family Man, Skeptic, SST Stalwart & Passive Income Generator

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Current list of tools I actually am using at the moment to create passive income;

Proven Amazon Course (training)

Payoneer (accept Amazon payments)

ShipITO (U.S. Address for shipments)

Namecheap (domains)

Hostgator (hosting)

Bluehost (hosting)

SECockpit (keyword research)

The Best Spinner (spinning)

Hootsuite (social media mgmt)

Pinpioneer (Pinterest marketing)

Odesk (outsourcing)

Passive Income Tools

First and foremost I’m a family man. My family is very important to me and my source of joy and inspiration everyday. With a background in science and experience in marketing I am a natural skeptic and secular humanist. I believe logic and reason and the scientific method are best tools we have. I don’t believe in purely right-wing or left-wing political alignment. Most people are both, it depends on the issue.

I am a proud spokesman for and supporter of the Sensible Sentencing Trust based here in Napier. At SST we advocate for victims rights and justice reform. Justice is an important construct in society to ensure social cohesion and to reduce anarchy and vigilantism.

You can read my blog or check out my social media links and feeds on this page to see what I’m up to.