Amazon Update: April 2014


Earnings Report

Amazon Earnings Jan - April 2014

Amazon Earnings Jan – April 2014

Units Sold: 889
Groos Product Sales: $10007.57
Profit (Money Banked): $4225.68
Clickbank Earnings: $690.95
TOTAL: $4916.63

I’ve started to include my affliate income on these posts now. I usually get 4 figures from this source, but April was a slow month for affiliate earnings. As for Amazon however, it’s been a good 4th month for me here, nearly doubled last month’s Amazon profits and hit +10k in gross sales.

My average profit per item sold on Amazon jumped by $1.31 which helped massively increase the amount of profit I reaped compared to the number of extra sales.

The increase in profitability is mainly due to two factors:
1. My buying agent finding me cheaper sources.
2. Slightly increasing my prices across the board on a few selected items.

SEO Results

The SEO I did for my listings hasn’t increased my Google rankings for any of my keywords. The URLs have some awesome links and they theoretically should be ranking. But, they’re not.

I’m not investing any more money into this side of things until it shows some rankings. I’m looking forward to the next Google Page Rank Update. We’ll see….

Amazon Advertising

amazon advertising results

Amazing ROI Forom Amazon Advertising!

The results from doing Amazon advertising are incredible. Spending $13 to make $627.54. I’ll do that deal all day long! If you’re not doing advertising on Amazon, you need to get in there NOW.


I have sent a lot of my products to professional reviewers in the Top 100 reviewers list. The reviews are trickling in and seem to be having a positive effect.

I hired someone on Odesk to troll the list and input all the names and email addresses for the Top 1000 reviewers into a spreadsheet for me. $25 well spent there. The list is awesome. I’m keeping track on there who and what I send out and what reviews come in.

My seller rating is continuing to grow strong. I have had a few negative product reviews this month, but they posted them as seller reviews, so once I submitted a ticket to Amazon they all were removed, yay!

The reviews I get from using Feedbackfive are great. I’ll keep my subscription with them for sure too.

Where To From Here?

It’s hard to make goals since things are happening so fast. However one thing I definitely have in the pipeline is teaching others where I live to do what I do. Since I’ve started this heaps of people have been asking me about it. I do tell them about PAC and have affiliate links on my website. However, I’m possibly thinking of running some workshops.

As for my own sales, who knows. As long as things keep increasing I’ll be happy.

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  • JJ

    Great Stuff Neville,

    How did you figure out what products you wanted to sell on Amazon?

    Unfortunately, this is where I am stuck.


    • nevillepettersson

      There’s a few criteria I use. Mostly size, cost and profitability. I usually start out by looking around my own house or asking friends their favorite useful products to get ideas. Then check on amazon to see if they sell well on there. If the competition is not too heavy then I’d go for it!