Amazon Update: April 2015


Well it’s been a long time but I’m back. I never really left, however I’ve had a monumental personal crisis to deal with which made it impossible for me to post since November 2014. Anyway that’s over now and I plan to keep the updates going from now on.

I have still been operating my business, sending in stock and checking in to my account. However, I haven’t made any growth. No new ASINs or products at all. What I did notice though is that this business can run with virtually NO time spent on it at all. It’s been really great being able to pull in thousands of dollars while doing virtually nothing. This year I intend to grow. My plan outlined below.

Amazon Canada –

I recently received an email from an representative asking me to think about joining

“You have provided an excellent experience for our customer base since you started with Amazon and we would like you to bring your products and your business online with Amazon Canada.”

I was pretty stoked with this comment and have since noticed the pulldown has been added to the top of my seller central home page (next to the flag).

Amazon Europe

I started this registration process late last year and I have to say it is taking far too long. At the moment my account is still pending validation. I’ve done everything including the address verification.

I’m really excited about starting in Europe because of the size of the market. With doing private-label it basically doubling your income with very little extra work. I already have my products, sources and listing descriptions so it really is a no-brainer.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Hopefully I can get my account activated and inventory organized in the next month. I want to be rocking in Europe by Q4!

Bad News!

Some major news late last year was that my best selling product’s listing was pulled from without notice. I didn’t notice for awhile and when I finally got in touch with amazon they told me that an intellectual rights complaint was made. This was a blow to my sales stats and also I just had a shipment sent in and still to this day have 5141 units sitting in the warehouse unable to sell. Minimum removal fees are $771.15 ($0.15 per item).

Not taking this lying down, I pushed amazon further and asked for the patent or trademark to back up the complaint. They couldn’t produce one, which I already knew because I contacted the USPTO office and asked beforehand. In the end I just gave up. At the end of the day it’s just one product and not worth jeopardizing getting my account suspended or closed. It’s just a pity that this type of thing can happen. Your own private-label listing can get pulled from someone complaining and with no legal backing.

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  • Boris_yo

    Hi Neville,

    Knowing for Amazon’s shoot first and ask later behavior I think it’s due to automated system that triggers listing suspension when customer/competitor report product as fake. That’s a flawed system being unable to screen claims before suspending listing because this serves as exploit in system for unscrupulous people or trigger-happy customers. Amazon or market was flooded with fakes like flash memory cards and even Amazon cannot do proper authenticity verifications as many buyers who bought direct also discovered fakes.

  • Mykhailo Mall

    Hi Nevill, Could you please advise how would you go about handling
    returns by selling remotely on from overseas and if
    possible the same scenario applies for Europe?

    Many Thanks,

    • nevillepettersson

      With FBA, Amazon handle all the returns and corresponding refunds etc. Is that what you mean? If I get customer messages I just answer them as best I can. I’m pretty generous with refunds and sending out replacement products for defects.

  • Anton

    Hello Neville!

    Nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear about the suspended listing. I guess Amazon just finds it easier to side with the bigger party even if there’s no legal backing. It’s a shame. Have you considered selling those items on eBay or somewhere else and using the FBA multi-channel fulfillment to fulfill the orders?

    Btw, I have one question if you don’t mind. As you have had a lot of success with Amazon I’m sure you have had people trying to piggy bag on your listings. In your experience, what is the best way to prevent and fight that? So far I haven’t had that problem but I think I have found a couple of products that have really good potential and I want to be proactive.

    Best regards,

    • nevillepettersson

      Hi Anton, I may consider selling them on ebay, but probably just to cover the removal costs. I’d sell them all as bulk. No way I’d want to sell 5000 items one by one doing orders.

      To fight piggybacking I’d recommend getting a trademark. I’m looking at this myself. If you do it yourself it’s reasonably inexpensive. In my experience amazon really favor sellers with legal protection (also some with out it).

      A trademark will cover all your products if you do private label since your products are branded.

      • Anton

        Ok, have to look into getting a trademark if my products start selling well. Thanks for the tip.

        What about Amazon’s brand registry. Have you listed your brand there?

        • nevillepettersson

          Yes, I’ve been registered on that for awhile, but from my experience it doesn’t give you any more power or advantage than usual.