Amazon Update: August 2014


Gross Sales: $18,028.72
Profit: $7,974.12
Refunds    ($395.69)
Reimbursements    287.59
TOTAL    $7,866.02
Affiliate Earnings
Clickbank etc…: $720.13

Banked: USD $8,586.15

Protaras Bay

Still on holiday on the beach in Cyprus while Amazon makes money for me.

Well, even though I was sitting on a beach for all of August my Amazon earnings still increased. I hardly did any work at all. I basically only checked in on things to check stock levels and seller messages. I think the continued increase is mainly due to my products getting more reviews and my seller rating which is still at 100%. With this type of increase it’s time to get back to work and really work this system to its full potential!


My top product now has 81 reviews. From a total of 23 SKU’s (individual listings) I have 438 reviews total. I can definitely work on increasing this and now that I’m back at work this will become part of my daily tasks. I will start going through the Amazon reviewers list from 1000 down now. I have already catalogued the top 1000 list already.

Seller Feedback

100% Positive!

I reached a milestone this month; 200 seller reviews! I’m up to 219 now and ALL positive so far. I do get a few negative ones, but they’re mainly product criticisms or to do with shipping. If you create a new case with Amazon they remove these pretty quickly.

Duplicate Products

This month I had someone try and sell their own version of my product on MY listing. Now, I’ve had a few of these before and I have a sternly worded template which I fire out which usually does the job and gets them to take their products down. However, this time they didn’t. What is worse is that they were getting the buy box because of their price. I sent a final warning follow up email, but they didn’t acknowledge it. I created a case with Amazon support but they didn’t act and told me I had to follow this procedure:

1. File a violation on this link:

2. You have actually buy their product and take photos of it to prove it is not the same.

3. Include all of the usual ASIN and info. Give a brief descrition of why the product is different etc…

I did all this stuff (all the while losing sales as their crap product was selling on my listing) and pretty much straight away their products were gone. Now, I’m not sure what happened to them in terms of reprimands, but I do think Amazon would take this sort of counterfeit selling seriously. I’m sure it would also be noted and recorded against their seller account.

I checked this morning and I have another 2 sellers trying to sell on another lsiting of mine. I’ve sent them the second email, without reply, and now have now progressed to purchasing the product. I’m going to file the same report for these guys too. Too bad as they both seem new. Howevr, I did give them fair warning.

New Products

I have already started getting my agent looking for sources for my new product lines. I have 3-4 new products I’m trying to find a manufacturer for. Shouldn’t be too difficult. Just have to make a always get samples and do my due diligence.


While on holiday I saw a product on Clickbank where the guys were working the Amazon business and one of them was doing over $500,000.00 in PROFIT per month. This really made me think what is possible with this and expanded my thinking about the potential here. Now half a million a month is incredible, but with the right systems to scale this business up, I can see no reason why I shoudn’t be able to do something similar.

Time to think big!


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  • Michael Dugan

    Hey Neville,

    I thought I left a post here a few days ago, and just stopped in to find that it didn’t “take”! So… to re-state…

    From what I can see, we started our Amazon adventures at about the same time and it looks like we’re earning about the same per month. But there’s one disparity that really jumped out at me, and that’s feedback.

    To date, I have nearly 600 seller feedbacks (100% positive – thank god for FBA). I’m happy about that of course, but my jaw nearly hit the floor when I read that you have a combined total of 438 reviews. I think my paltry combined total for my branded stuff might amount to 30 if I’m lucky.

    How in the world did you amass so many? What percentage are verified? I’d really love to hear some insights on how you did it!

    • nevillepettersson

      Hi Mike, this is a bew post so maybe you commented on a previous post?

      Wow 600 seller feedbacks is a lot! Seems like you’re getting a very good response rate with those.

      Thanks for the comment about my product reviews. They are all my own listings so I did get all the reviews myself. I signed up for feedbackfive pretty early on and most of verified reviews come from there as well as matural ones. I’ve also been plowing through the top reviewers list and have quite a few from there. If I had to estimate I’d say its 50/50 with verified and non-verified reviews.

      I’m really going to dig deep into the Amazon reviewers list now I’m back to work. Lots of new products to research too.

  • Kovid Sinha

    Hi petter, I was trying to send an email to the top 1000 reviewers on amazon asking them for a review of my product. But, both- gmail and my mail agent stopped after 24-30 emails terming my email as a potential spam? What do you advice to send the emails to all them? Should I use a email marketing tool like mail chimp for sending such bulk mails?

    • nevillepettersson

      I use the mail merge feature in Micosoft Word. It sends out individuaal emails in bulk using a template you write yourself. Handy free tool to use if you have Word.

      • Kovid Sinha

        i used the same mail merge feature in word. but word routes the mails through my outlook which is configured either with my gmail or with my business email id. both gmail and my business email host dont allow more than 100 emails to be sent at a time. that was the reason i wanted to know how your emails get routed

        • nevillepettersson

          Just don’t send moree than 100. I usually only send 50. Processing this many shipments is very time consuming.

          • Kovid Sinha

            Okay.. Will take care of that.. Most of these reviewers are askimg for demo units to be shipped to them.. How many of them shud I send the demo units normally? Asking because each of these would cost me

          • nevillepettersson

            Um yeah, you have to send them the product or else they can’t review it.

          • Kovid Sinha

            But won’t they have to order from their own login if they have to leave a feedback on my product?

          • Kovid Sinha

            Found a way out- I generated a discount code of 99% for limited time for them 🙂