Amazon Update: March 2014


March Earnings

Amazon March Earnings

Amazon March Earnings

Sales: 657
Profit: $2261.74 (Gross Sales $6827.35)

Interesting thing this month is that my gross sales actually dropped but I still made more profit. This is due to the cheaper sourcing costs because of my new buying agent in China.

I’m slowly coming to terms with how slow this business is. Shipping, production and product listing growth all take a lot more time than I realised.

Seller Feedback

Amazon Seller Feedback Stats

Amazon Seller Feedback Stats

Since I started using Feedback Five I am getting a lot of positive seller feedback. I think the way the automated emails go out, it seems to favor seller feedbacks as opposed to product feedback. At the moment I’m happy with this, but may change the email structure soon to generate more product feedbacks.

Amazon Advertising PPC

Amazon Advertising PPC Results

Amazon Advertising PPC Results

I’ve started doing Amazon PPC for some of my more established and well stocked products. The results so far are excellent. As you can see from above, the ROI is amazing. I will definitely be expanding more into this area. The key for me is finding high traffic buyer keywords which convert for my particular products.

SEO For Amazon Products

I started this last month, but realised early this month that I made very big mistake. I used the wrong URL. I didn’t realise that there were multiple URLs for every listing and the one Amazon directs you to through your seller account is not usually the one Google will index and give the highest rankings.

For example, seller central shows me:

But if you Google your product title to see which URL Google is ranking, and the one you should be doing SEO for you find something like this:

The first URL (top) is the one I did SEO for first. This is wrong because the second one is the one Google ranks. It can also contain, if you set up your product correctly, your main keyword. This will give you a huge leg-up in the SERPs. Add to that the fact that is a huge authority domain and you have a recipe for success.

I’ll be doing some more SEO for my products once I have lots of stock there to cope with traffic. No use getting traffic if there ain’t anything to buy eh.

Goals For Next Month

My goal for this month is to have ALL my products ‘In Stock’ and selling. I think by May I will have achieved this. I’m not going to add anymore new products to my inventory at this stage, even though I do have a list of products I’m going to investigate.

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