Amazon Update: May 2014



Units Sold: 911
Gross Sales: $11,043.22
Profit (Money Banked): $4,499.12
Affiliate Commissions: $1,122.61

Total (Banked): $5,621.73

Not as big a increase as I’d like, but at least still moving in the right direction.



I passed 100 seller feedbacks this month. Feedbackfive is really giving me good results here.

As for products feedback, the reviews are coming in slowly and getting some nice traction. I’ve had a couple bad reviews this month but managed to negotiate with the customers and got them taken off.


No ranking or movement here.

Amazon UK

I have signed up for, an EU account. The account is still not active yet as I’m waiting for address verification. This is proving to be difficult as they require a utility bill with the address. I’m working on getting this done.

The goal here is to duplicate my products/listings from my USA account over to the EU. Since I already have a supplier getting started should be reasonably easy once my account gets approved.

What Next?

It’s time to create some new listings now and add some more products. I’m very comfortable with my current range but would like to earn more.

I went to the mall last week and came back with a list of about 20 possible products. I’ve gone through amazon and narrowed the list down. I have my sourcing agent in China looking for sources now and getting quotes for me.

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  • Michael Dugan

    Hey Neville,

    How did you manage to negotiate the few negative product reviewers? I can’t see any way of determining the identity of any reviewer, nor does there seem to be a way to privately communicate with them.

    • nevillepettersson

      The verified purchase ones are easier. It is sometimes hard to match up the names with the order. But with a bit of snooping around I can usually find something. The non-verified ones may be competitors which is unethical. I usually just vote these as unhelpful.

  • Dean Thompson

    Hi Neville,

    Really enjoying following your progress as this is the road I would like to go down once I get enough funds together. Was hoping you could answer a few questions I have.

    Did you have an overall plan when starting out and have you gone straight into selling private label products?
    What criteria do you use when choosing potential products?
    Are the figures you’re posting here a running total or separate for each month?
    Do you plan on coaching like-minded sellers?

    Looking forward to seeing how your business grows.


    • nevillepettersson

      Thanks Dean, I myself only started with small orders of a few hundred dollars and built from there with my profits.

      I don’t really have a plan. I’m continously learrning and things seem to be going well.

      My criteria for choosing products are:
      – small and light-weight
      – can sell for $7 – $30
      – NO electronics
      – not too many other prime sellers, not sold by amazon
      – no restricted categories

      My best advice would be to not mess around with small orders. I ran out of stock too many times at the start. It made things a lot slower for me. Borrow money if you have to.

      The figures I’m posting here are monthly earnings, not a running total.

      I’m planning on running a course on private labelling on amazon, but it will be in my local area. There are already a lot of other online courses on the subject.

      Thanks for your comments 🙂

      • Josh

        First, thanks for your updates.

        Next, it seems you didn’t pay attention to product reviews too much. In other words, your earnings came due to it being there, and not for being highly rated. Would the earnings be different if you would’ve start with high product rankings?

        • nevillepettersson

          I created my own listings so started with 0 reviews. As time goes on the reviews are starting t build along with the saales momentum. You can sell a lot more if you sell through an existing listing, but then you’ve got to deal with competition and price wars.