Amazon Update: November 2014


Gross Sales: $29,162.74
Units Sold: 2876
Amazon Profit: $15,171.91
Affiliate Earnings: $585.29

Total (Banked) USD$15,757.20

Sorry to all of you that thought I’d dropped off the planet last month. I’ve been a bit busy so didn’t get around to doing an update for October 2014. I’ll try and keep them monthly, but can’t promise anything.

Some one asked me if the profits I mention on these posts are actually what I get in hand. The answer is yes. The gross sales is taken from my business reports in Amazon. The Amazon Profit figure is the actual profit I get once the Amazon seller fess and product costs are removed. The Total Banked $ is what is mine to spend. 100% income minus all the fees and costs. This amount is less than what Amazon actually pays into my account because this amount hasn’t had the product costs taken out yet. I use my own spreadsheet to keep a track of and calculate my profits.

Mega Refund WTF?

I had a very disturbing incident involving a monstrous refund issued by Amazon for a product (see below).

Mega Refund!

Mega Refund!

The product is only $8.99, and with shipping of $5.58 the total amount is $14.57. However, Amazon chose to refund $98.19! Now, I have contacted Amazon about this and they told me that I can make a claim for this refund after 45 days. So, I’ll have to wait and see until then for an explanation about why this happened, as well as trying to get this money back. I’ll keep you posted.

What disturbs me the most is the fact that this is possible. I’ve added it to my Outlook Calendar so I don’t forget about it. I’m always checking my refund emails vigilantly now. I advise everyone else to do the same.

Mega Reimbursement

I received an unexpected bonus this month when Amazon “lost warehouse” 68 of my highest price tag items and reimbursed me for me for them (see image below).

Mega Reimbursement

Mega Reimbursement

I pocketed a cool $980 on top of what I usually make that day. I still had a load of these products left so it didn’t interfere with my sales. A reimbursement is as good as a sale in terms of what you get paid. Definitely made for a god day!

Sea Freight

I saw a post awhile back on the MySilentTeam facebook page about Forest Shipping. They are a company which does sea freight from China straight to Amazon. I’ve taken the plunge and got a quote. On paper it comes out at a quarter of the price as doing air freight. This sounds good to me so I’m in the process of sending them a whole bunch of inventory from all my various manufacturers. This is a considerable investment, but the products I’m sending are all selling well and shipping air freight month to month is getting infuriating. In the long-term doing big quarterly orders by sea is the way forward.

Once I’ve shipped and paid for it, I’ll post the details of the costs, weight shipped, and any other useful about the process and the company.

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  • Mohamed Al Marri

    Dear Mr. Neville

    From Qatar CID.We noticed you leave Qatar by Hamad International Airport on January 25 after we call you to come to the police station.It is been three weeks and we would want to know when we can expect you back?Contact me by (974)4471442 or (+974)44842222 ,(+974) 44843333 state your case number that is 4-2015

  • Mykhailo Mall

    Hi Neville,

    In order to consolidate in one place packages from China manufacturers in China (instead of paying for every single shipment from your suppliers) would you recommend any service in China that can receive your suppliers product and then ship to your destination in one shipment?


    • nevillepettersson

      I do have something like this. You can send your stuff to Forest Shipping and they can consolidate and send into Amazon via air or ship. Here’s their site:

  • Sammy

    Hi Neville, great update and profit figure! it seems like you’re growing at a steady pace! A couple questions – how many products do you sell on Amazon to create such profit, and are they related products or you sell whatever sells best regardless of category? Thanks!

    • nevillepettersson

      Hi Sammy, I’ve got 15 products at the moment. If you include color variations I have 33 SKU’s altogether.

      Might not sound like much but if you choose something good you can make a lot of money with a small amount of products.

  • Anton

    Hi Neville, thanks for the update! One random question: Have you written your product listings by yourself or have you hired a copywriter?

    • nevillepettersson

      Hi Anton, I wrote them myself. I have a background in marketing so it comes easy to me. However, it’s pretty much based on keywords and trying differentiate your listing from the competition.

  • Kelly

    Hi Neville, thank you for the update! Love reading about your success, it is very inspirational for others. Hope the refund thing gets situated. Very interested in hearing about your experience with Sea Freight. It has come up a few times with suppliers, but I back off since I am really getting started right now. I thought I had read that there was a small fire at one of the FBA locations (can’t remember where……TN maybe?), was it due to that or just negligence?

    Ok, last question. How many different products are you offering at this time?


    • nevillepettersson

      Hi Kelly, the reimbursement wasn’t due to the fire. They were “Lost Warehouse” units. At the moment I’m selling 15 private label products, but many of them have variations (colors etc).