Amazon Update: September 2014


Gross Sales: $19,232.94
Units Sold: 1690
Amazon Profit: $8,697.55
Affiliate Earnings: $548.33

Total (Banked) USD$9,245.88

Amazon just seems to keep getting bigger and better. The growth is happening regardless of me adding any new products. I actually ran out of stock of a couple of my top selling products and still increased earnings. This business amazes me. No matter how badly you screw it up you can still make some great bank!

Consolidated Listings

This month I did something which I’d been wanting to do for a long time. I consolidated several of my listings into one parent listing with multiple child listings. When I first started out I set up a lot of my products, which were the same product but different colors etc, into separate listings with their own UPC, ASIN etc. They each received their own reviews and sold decently. My rationale here was to add them to various different categories to try to appear in more search results. However, after consolidation I now realize that the combined power of higher review scores (when you consolidate all the reviews are added together), gets much better results. My two biggest sellers have now over +100 review each. This has dramatically increased the sales rank of the items and sales have been much better!

New Products

This month I have added 9 variations to two of my current lines and also added one completely new product. I’ve got a few more in the research process and hopefully will have them also on the way to FBA by November.

Back To Work

I’m continuing to send out review requests to the professional reviewers in the Amazon Top Reviewers List. Around 100 emails a month seems to be a manageable number and gives goods results. I now have a database of the top 2000 reviewers names and email addresses. My seller reviews and natural product reviews are still coming in nicely.

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  • Anton

    Hello Neville! No update for October yet. Still going strong I guess? I’m a fellow PAC student, it’s been a pleasure to follow your journey. I’m just about to place first orders from China myself, nerve-wracking times…

    • nevillepettersson

      Hi Anton, yeah just too busy this month to update. I’ll do one for Nov for sure. Good luck with your first order!

  • jj

    You are my hero with these results bud!

  • Michael Dugan

    Just curious if overseas sellers get a payout from AZ exactly every month. Here in the US, it’s every two weeks.

    • nevillepettersson

      I get paid every 2 weeks too. I have always worked out my income monthly, it’s so much better for everything.

  • Brian

    You have a copyright symbol beside the muzitao name in the knife listings. How did the copyright process work and what benefit do you expect from it?

    • nevillepettersson

      I’m still in the process actually. I will post about this soon once it’s official.