New Income Stream: Selling On Amazon!


Amazon FBAWow! It’s been way too long since I last wrote a blog post here. Ever since Google Penguin I’ve been kinda lazy. Affiliate marketing is still bringing in some decent money (down to 4 figures now :() and I spend only about 2 days per month on this now. I’ve kept ALL my websites as they still bring in traffic. As long as they keep making $$$ there’s no need to not renew them. Domains and hosting are dirt cheap.

Anyway, the newest thing I’m doing is selling physical products on Amazon through their FBA program. When I say physical products, I just mean things you can actully touch and use as opposed to ebooks, software and digital content (affiliate marketing). Selling through FBA means Amazon handles all of the shipping and customer support. All I have to do is send the stock into Amazon and they sell it for me on

I only started doing this in late October 2013, but already have made some good profit. January profits were $302.42. Might not seem like much, but the hours required to do this are less than one day a month. What makes me even more excited is that when I started affiliate marketing, it took me a lot longer to become profitable and really “get it”. With Amazon though it’s much easier so the progression will (hopefully) expediated.

The job basically comes down to finding good products which you can source from China or wholesale. There are a few criteria in terms of profitability and specifications, to make the shipping process easier. I’m actually possibly thinking of running local courses about how to sell on Amazon. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes for February and March.

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